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deutschland for a year [Jan. 16., 2005|10:27 am]
Hi, I'm going to be studying in Germany (Uni-Tübingen, to be exact) for a year. I was wondering.... what do you think a good amount of money to take with me would be? I know I'm most likely going to take out a loan since I've only saved $1,000 and I have seven months of saving left with a mediocre job. So, any ideas from people that are there now, or have visited for a long period of time would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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[User Picture]From: rabidotter
2005-01-17 04:21 am (UTC)
Are you going on a scholarship? Or are you paying your own way?

If you have some sort of DAAD scholarship that covers room, board and tuition (however tiny amount that will be), you'll still want to bring some money. Probably equivalent of at least 200 Euro per month, and really the more the better. You might also be able to get a job, but that is a bit a random.

I've never had to show how much money I had in a bank account when studying or research in Germany, but I've always been affiliated with some sort of program or university.

If you are paying your own way, I have no clue. Proabably at least 700 Euro per month given that you have to pay rent, buy groceries, etc. I'm not sure how AOK (insurance for most uni students under the age of 32 or so) deals with Auslaender who are not coming over on scholarships.
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From: imperfectious
2005-01-18 07:09 am (UTC)
My university provides "exchange tuition". According to my school, my tuition exchanges (it's about three hundred more to go to Germany) and $4,451 goes towards tuition, $2,554 goes to Rooming, $2,189 goes to Board, $1,600 is personal expenses, $1,000 is personal traveil, $850 is airfair, and $322 is insurance.... with study abroad fees, and tuition fees, that comes up to $13,466 that I'm guaranteed..... I guess I should have made my post more clear.
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