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Goethe Institut

past, present, and future students

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I've created this community for people who have attended or are interested in attending the Goethe Institut. There are locations throughout the world and all are included here.

I'm xiuzan, the moderator here. I attended the Goethe Institut in Mannheim, Germany in 1995. I learned a lot of German while there, but have forgotten a lot since. Hopefully I'll have the opportunity to return to a German-speaking country and brush up.

I also met some great people from all over the wolrd at the Goethe Institut and have sadly lost touch with most of them. Maybe I'll find some through here. If not, I hope to meet other people who have shared similar experiences at the Goethe Institut.

Welcome to the community. English and German are both acceptable. (Well, any language, really, but those two are the most likely to be understood by many of the members!)