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deutschland for a year [Jan. 16., 2005|10:27 am]
Hi, I'm going to be studying in Germany (Uni-Tübingen, to be exact) for a year. I was wondering.... what do you think a good amount of money to take with me would be? I know I'm most likely going to take out a loan since I've only saved $1,000 and I have seven months of saving left with a mediocre job. So, any ideas from people that are there now, or have visited for a long period of time would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
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[User Picture]From: nieren
2005-01-17 04:48 am (UTC)
I was in Bonn 3 years ago, the program I went on deposited roughly 140 euros into my account every month and I was fine. I had cooking facilities in my wohnheim but I'm pretty sure I lived off bittburger and doenner the whole time anyway. I didn't go any place outside of germany and i didn't go to october fest or fasching. I did hang out in koeln for karnival and the 7 days of drunkenness, visited aachen, dresden, trier all on my own. I became a fashion victim tho and that alone sent me home with a 1k debt in my pocket. Frankly i think if you are young and you can get a loan you should do it, better than putting everything on credit cards , and then travel all you can because when are you ever going to have the chance again? you can have some amazing times in germany and outside of it, even if you don't drink, go on all the wacky alkohol related tours you can find, they are a lot of fun and the locals will drag you into their groups. Two airlines to keep in mind, billigeflieger.de and ryan air, and do your best to read the tour books about other countries because it's super sad and sucky to get ripped off or scammed when you could have avoided it. My last bit of advice, join an intramural sports team of some kind, I played rugby in Bonn and not only was i really bad at it and never had to play in any real games i got lots of good free german food and free trips all over western germany with the team. oh and i went to a lot of hockey games, that was also an unexpected delight, way fun, lots of german pride, very cool.
have a really great time !

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